Monday, December 7, 2009

Cuddle Sacks

Even though they may look peculiar, these are Cuddle Sacks for newborns, knit on size 15 needles with double strands of worsted weight yarn leftover from other projects.


  1. Those are neat! Will you be donating them? Where?

  2. I think I want one of those in adult size! They look so comfy. Your door turned out great & I love the thanksgiving pic you posted! :)

  3. They all look so beautifully knit. You do such a great job with all your knitting. Cuddle sacks will keep some new ones very calm and happy.

  4. What a clever idea. You knit hugs.

  5. What a great idea, I sure got tired of trying to wrap and tuck those baby blankets tight!


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