Monday, February 9, 2009

Full Crayon Box

Crayon Box was finished Saturday night.

Stitches used:

Lime Green - British Moss stitch
Wedgewood Blue - Andalusian stitch
Green - Checks and Ridges stitch
Yellow - Purled Ladders stitch
Red - Garter Steps stitch
Turquoise - Single Chevron stitch
Pink - Triangle Rib stitch
Sand/Bone - Garter stitch


  1. I so look forward to your blog to see what new things you have made and I am never dissapointed. Keep up the good work.........

  2. It's really pretty! You might not have started with a well-thought-out plan, but it looks like you did.

  3. gosh, i wish you were around to give me knitting lessons....

  4. It turned out beautifully, Nancy! I know I'm repeating myself, but that neutral border was a smart trick. It looks so 'together'.

  5. Wow, how beautiful!! That turned out wonderful! :)

  6. It's beautiful, Nancy!!!!! What a joy it is to partner with you on the Oddball Baby Blanket project.

  7. Wow..Nacy that is beautiful :) You are so talented...LOL I know I keep saying that but it is true..BTW..Where is your Daybook post?? Is it Monday?/LOL
    Take care

  8. looking at this makes me feel so happy. I love the randomness of the colors and the tan makes them look just right. Well done.

  9. I love Crayons. What a great finish!


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