Thursday, February 19, 2009


Creamsicle, another "not quite Oddball," will be sent to the West Coast Oddball group after a border is added.

I knit this border on the blanket yesterday afternoon but frogged it because it just didn't look right: it didn't form the scallops. I wish that I could find a pattern for a knit edge that I could add to these blankets.

Update: February 24, 2009

Kaniger from Ravelry added the crochet border, and it really transformed this Oddball into a beauty.


  1. I think it looks lovely the way it is. Beautiful work!

  2. Since it's all the same color, I don't think you necessarily have to add an extra border. The garter stitch looks good.

  3. too bad that the stitch wouldn't work right for you. I hate it when that happens but I agree, the blanket is beautiful!

  4. Do you crochet?

    Its all about borders, the easiest way!


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