Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Community Pride

I have lived in this area all of ten years of my life. Of course, the scenery is beautiful and the climate generally good, but the real reason I stay is because of the people.

Here are a few reasons that I like this area so much:

• Traffic (both directions) pulls over to the side of the road to let a funeral procession pass

• Strangers smile and greet each other on the street, driving or walking

• Drivers stop and allow pedestrians to cross the street even if they are not at a crosswalk

• Drivers at a four-way stop wave for others to go first even if they have the right-of-way

• American flags fly on Main Street on all holidays

• Benefits and auctions are held to help people (young and old) with extreme health expenses

It is a wonderful place to live because people truly do care about others.

Do people in your community do the same things?


  1. Many of those things are true of our area, but not all. You sound blessed, Nancy, to live in such a place.

  2. Needville is known as "The Home of Friendly People." I've found that to be very true.

  3. Yes, I have to say that the residents where I currently live are extremely thoughtful and courteous of each other. I grew up in a small town in Alabama...where you wave to everyone when you're driving. After I got married, my husband and I moved to different cities...each bigger than the previous one. I noticed that each move coincided with more distance and less coziness among people. South Florida, my last region, was perhaps the coldest, although my small "area" was not too bad. We moved back up to a small city in north Florida, and I am so happy that the small-town kindnesses have returned.

    Sorry to write a book for a "comment," but your post touched on a subject that hit close to home, so to speak.

  4. There are a few of those you listed that I see happen around here, but the biggest one is the donations people in Western NY give to those in need. Whether it be for the homeless shelters, the food pantry, a family who has lost their home to a fire, or a person needing help with huge medical bills, this community really helps each other out!

  5. sounds very nice. No, it isn't like that here. One or maybe two, but no overall.


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