Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pending Storm

This view is from the farm where I was raised. I have numerous photos taken from this spot, but this one is one of my favorites, and I call it "Pending Storm." The tree on the left was merely a twig planted by my parents when they first moved to the farm. Several years before this photo was taken, that tree was struck by lightning. The tree survived the strike, but it was left with a wound that took many years to heal. Next to the tree was a large propane tank that, fortunately, did not explode.

Nature is a mysterious and wonderful force, one that I respect and admire.

I live in town now, but I miss the open vistas of the farm. I miss seeing the approaching storms.


  1. Beautiful! I can feel the storm when I look at this photo.

  2. Those clouds look like you should hurry up and get the clothes off the line. They'll either be wet or covered in dust!

  3. Amazing photo, but most importantly, an amazing moment you were able to capture in you memory as well!

  4. Pending Storm is so beautiful. I am going to try to make it my screensaver. I am intrigued by storms.

  5. Oh my goodness! How did I miss this? That is such an amazing picture.


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