Saturday, January 31, 2009

Peaceful Paradise

My sister and her husband just returned from a two-week trip to Hawaii. Thirteen days (it rained one day) to soak up the warmth of the sunshine, to absorb all of the delicious floral scents, and to feast on fresh fruit. Two full weeks of being surrounded with lush green foliage and hearing the soft murmur of the ocean as its waves lick at the shore.

To say that I am envious is an understatement, yet I am content to view their photographs and dream.


  1. Well, I am just completely jealous!! I hope to one day visit Hawaii. I don't know how I'd get there since I can't really fly. And I have no money. But, one can hope and dream!!! *smiles*

  2. hope you are doing well and not in the snow storm way...
    have a great and happy weekend..

  3. love the imagery, especially of the waves licking at the shore. Makes me want to go and traveling to Hawaii has never been something that's held much interest for me.


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