Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cure for Sports Overload

If you are not a football fan and/or have no desire to watch all the Superbowl hype this weekend, you might turn to your computer for an alternative.

I discovered Hulu during the holidays, and have enjoyed watching full-length movies and some television programs (both old and new) on my laptop. The site is free; however, the videos do include minimal commercials, yet much less than the typical television show.

I plan to escape the seemingly endless football coverage by accessing Hulu. If you aren't a football fan, won't you join me?


  1. Good idea:))

    Hope you are doing well Nancy and keeping warm...


  2. I love Hulu! I think I discovered this site when looking to watch one of my favorite shows that I couldn't find anywhere else.

  3. Hulu is pretty cool! There is a show on Showtime that started a couple weeks ago, and the episodes are showing up on Hulu. I'm very happy because I wanted to watch it, and I don't have Showtime!

    If the weather isn't too bad this Sunday, I might go to a movie with my mom. If it is, then maybe I'll join you and watch something on Hulu. :)


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