Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lost Tradition

I don't know why the tradition of sending "Thank You" cards or notes is dying, but it truly is not fashionable or trendy to express gratitude for a gift.

I will be the first to admit that some of the gifts that I have received in my life were not desirable, but I have always appreciated that someone thought of me and took the time to present me with the gift. A written a note of thanks or gratitude is sent within a week of receiving the gift.

I've noticed in the last decade that more and more people (family and friends) don't bother to acknowledge a gift - wedding, shower, birthday, birth, Christmas, and other occasions. Sometimes, if it wasn't for Delivery Confirmation, I wouldn't even know if the gift was received. I find this trend unsettling.


  1. From the time my kids were itsy bitsy, we have always written thank you notes. I did write them for graduation and my wedding, of course, but I've always believed in the importance of acknowledging a kindness, whether it be a weekend of being hosted or a night out. My kids are not allowed to use their gifts until they write notes thanking the people who gave them.

    I'm with you, though, and have noticed that we are a rare breed indeed.

  2. I have noticed the same thing. I don't always notice if I don't get a written note for a gift given at a party where I was personally thanked, but I went to 2 weddings this summer and I haven't gotten an acknowledgement. It concerns me because I sent a gift card and hope it wasn't lost.

  3. I have been insisting to dh that this year he NOT call his kids to see if they and the grandkids received our gifts in the mail. Like you, delivery confirmation lets us know they've arrived, but Hubby usually breaks down and calls to ask if they liked them. I told him that this year we're going to wait them out! ;-Þ

  4. I still have some thank you notes to write. Better get busy and do it!

  5. I so agree Nancy, I am always sending out thank you cards even when the people say I don't have to. It is my nature to do so within a week.

    So why do others think it isn't necessary? I don't understand - to me I think they are ..... never mind we all can fill in the blank.

    I will still send out my thank you cards. Blessings to you Nancy, love Deb.


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