Saturday, January 10, 2009

Free-range Carts

Nothing irks me more than to go shopping and find the parking lot filled with free-range carts. In Wyoming, it is common for the wind to blow 30 mph and up to 60 mph, so those loose shopping carts become missiles and slam into vehicles.

Often, the safest place to park is near the cart corrals because very few people use them. The stores have multiple corrals throughout the lots, but they are nearly always empty. Locally, one of the worst lots for the renegade carts is Walmart. People unload the carts and leave them right in the middle of the driving lane, in between cars, and even behind cars. It is crazy, and it's downright rude!


  1. Oh, I so agree! I try to take one in instead of getting one in the store. It even helps me to stay upright when it is icy.

  2. free range carts! Good description. I've found Walmart customers to be among the rudest people around so I'm not surprised that's the place near you with the biggest problems.

  3. Nancy here in WI we have the same problem - today I went to Wal-mart and Pick N Save - the carts were everywhere except the cart holder.

    I think it is because people are becoming more lazy than ever before(my opinion). Do you know it takes extra steps to put the cart where it belongs? How Rude!

  4. I don't mind that as much as I dislike getting a cart that doesn't roll right, makes a loud noise or veers off course with every push.


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