Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Needling Question

No matter what size needle a pattern requires, I have it covered. I have at least one of each size in ten and fourteen inch straights and sixteen through forty inch circulars. However, it appears that Size 8 is by far my most popular size.

Tonight I checked all of my needles (only a fraction of them are pictured) as I have them stuffed in bags, in needle cushions, in jars, and in notebooks throughout the house.

The needles shown in front are all the Size 8 needles.
• Knit Picks Option set with four Size 8 points and cables in 16 - 40 inches
• Two pair of 14" aluminum straight needles
• Four pair of 10" aluminum straight needles
• One four-needle set of bamboo double-points
• One four-needle set of aluminum double-points
• Two bamboo 16" circular needles
• Two Knit Picks 16" circular needles
• Three 12" circular needles
• One 29" circular needle

Total Size 8 needles - 18 pair

If you counted your most popular needle size, how many would you have?


  1. Nancy I counted mine, I have one pair size 11. I made a fun fur scarf for my girlfriend with them. Wow wouldn't know what to do with all them. You certainly do. Love Deb.

  2. Since I usually don't have more than two or three projects going at once, I don't have many duplicate sizes in each type of needle. I do however, have about four types of needles: 14" straights, 10" straights, DPNs and circulars w/various length cords. My favorite sizes to use are size 7 for worsted weight, size 3 & 5 for sport weight, size 1 for fingering sock weight.


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