Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rainbows Abound

June was a blur, so I forgot to post about the Oddball blanket called, "Neon Rainbow."

To place the emphasis on the colors of the rainbow, these blankets are knit in garter stitch. I added the Lime Green section early in June and sent the blanket on before I left on my trip.

This week, a photo of the finished blanket was posted on I think you will agree that this Oddball Blanket is a real stunner.

A more subtle rainbow, Pastel Rainbow, also stopped in Wyoming on its journey. My section was pastel yellow. While not as bright as its Neon cousin this blanket will also be a beauty.

Update: August 2008

Pastel Rainbow is complete, sans crochet edging.

Pastel Rainbow is now ready to find a new home


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