Thursday, July 31, 2008

August Pillow Talk

August's goals are centered around finishing some projects and to clean my spare bedroom (craft room).

Cleaning the craft room is the most ambitious project: the room is crammed with fabric, yarn, and items I have collected for the hospital nursery. I laundered all of the donations, and the items are in sealed bags. Even thought the hospital is limited on storage, I am hoping that they can find room for the items.

I am going through my scraps and cutting the bits and pieces into standard sizes of squares and strips and sealing them in plastic bags; thus, when I decide to make another quilt, half of the work will be done. The flannel scraps crammed into the bag in the top photo need to be cut and organized. The smaller pile of cotton scraps is just a representation of the chaos that I need to tame. These scraps came from the receiving blankets, burial gowns, and demise pouches I made this past year.

I doubt that I will eliminate all of the chaos in the craft room, but it would be nice to have a tidy area that I am not ashamed to show someone.


  1. There are a few piles of things that need taming at my house too.

  2. I need to follow suit and do the same. My crafting area is about to the point that I can no longer craft. Ugh.

    By the way, I love your couch! :-)


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