Friday, July 6, 2018

Back in Time - Family Photographer

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I don't have a photo of my Dad's complete family: I'm sure his sister Sadie is not in the photo because most likely she was the one who took it. Sadie probably took the photo in this earlier post, too.

Every family seems to have a historian, the family photographer. Because of their role, they are seldom in photos.

Who's your family historian/photographer?


  1. It was my mom and now me! We both hate to be in photos is why! lol

  2. My mother. I had a terrible time finding any photos of her. I also have only one terrible photo of my father's mother.

  3. Me. LOL

    You'll rarely see a photo of me.

  4. With cell phones in hand, it is usually me and Al and Zach. With all the photos I take, guess who DID not seize the opportunity to get the FAMILY photo when we were all in Mexico together?

  5. I seem to be the family historian. My girls made a calendar for us a few years ago with pictures of grandkids, and discovered that there were ZERO photos of me taken with (or without) any of the grandkids that whole year. Maybe I spent too many years as a school yearbook advisor, with camera in hand at every event. But I notice that if I don’t take the pictures no one else does.

  6. There aren't a lot of pics of mom because she was usually behind the camera. But it seems to have shifted to me now.. I'm always the one looking through the lens!

  7. DH. I have to try hard to get him in a photo. Fun post; you are so lucky to have such a photo!


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