Friday, April 20, 2018


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Did you know that tomorrow is Local Yarn Shop (LYS) day? Several brick and mortar yarn shops will be celebrating with classes, demonstrations, special sales, and door prizes.

A list of participating stores can be found here

What do you like about your local yarn shop?


  1. I don't have one and I would love a sit and knit day each week.... I hope you got to go to yours!

  2. I'll take 4 lbs. of SOCKS!!!

    Almost ALL of my local shops (13 of them) are having some kind of sale/special/classes/prizes. Not sure I'll go to any (having JUST been to the yarn festival).

    Have fun ......hope you find something nice at your LYS.

  3. I’m not sure what our local yarn shop is doing. There was a feud in the family that owns it and it’s not nearly as fun to go wander around. Needles are hidden in the back in file drawers so people don’t “mess them up.” It’s almost become an unwelcoming place for local knitters. I think they would rather just have their online business. That’s too bad because we have a great community of fiber people here.

  4. I don't have one I am sad to say. The only one I knew of in Annapolis closed years ago. Now I have to rely on the MDSW and the internet to pad my stash-which needs NO padding btw. It's all gluttony at this point.

  5. No LYS here either, although there are a couple in neighboring communities.

  6. I needed to get to my LYS today so I thanked them early. I love my shop here because they offer a wednesday knit group for just two bucks an hour. They are helpful and I love the drive to their store. NEEDLES N PINS!!

  7. I love being able to feel a yarn before I buy it. It's also nice to see samples of the yarns knit up.

  8. I did not know that, but I did notice a local yarn shop that had banners and signs outside its door on Saturday. I suspect now that they must have been celebrating LYS.


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