Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Patriot - clue #4

The Patriot mystery QOV
clues 1 - 4
March 2018
Clue #4 produced another set of 9.5 inch rail fence blocks. I decided to use both white and red string scraps and made my "rails" irregular. The four 3.5 inch strips of scraps are 30ish and 40ish in length.

Clues for this mystery can be found here:

    Fabric Requirements

    Clue #1

    Clue #2

    Clue #3

    Clue #4


  1. It gets more intriguing with every new clue.

  2. Thank you for the links and for showing your lovely progress!!

  3. This is fun! I like your irregular rails.

  4. These blocks are looking great.

  5. The designer is keeping the steps simple. I'm very curious to see how this goes together.

  6. I’m enjoying seeing how the different parts of the quilt take shape. I like the new blocks too. Blessings, Betsy

  7. I think the variation in the rails will be very nice Nancy!! The Veteran we saw get the QOV a few years ago, just painted a lovely scene to donate to the barn auction. He paints and gives them all away for charity

  8. Love that star block. I can't wait to see more of this quilt.

  9. Nice idea to make the blocks random widths this time!
    It's looking like a wonderful pile of potential!


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