Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Marketing Ploy

deceptive marketing ploy
March 2018
I am aware that businesses have to be creative to be successful, but using deceptive tactics is not acceptable to me.

A "credit adjustment" document (portion of it shown above) arrived in the mail from a marketing group for O magazine. I haven't subscribed to this publication for at least two years (I can read it on my iPad using the public library app), and do NOT have a credit balance.

 The statement states the magazine is $54 annually and my "adjusted rate" is $8 because of all my "credit." A bit of online research clearly shows the annual subscription rate is $15.
The $8 rate is a great deal, but why would the publisher resort to such deceptive tactics?

I have become cynical: I question every piece of mail, every phone call, every email, every interaction.  Do you?


  1. I agree-they are ridiculous in their desperation to keep up their subscription roles! Most of the paper mail is bogus!
    We get offers to renew our warranty plan for a car we owned 8 yrs ago! Dumb. Be smart!

  2. Wow...that is crazy. I am sure O would not be amused by these tactics. I get the digital copy every month through Amazon and it is a great price for so much content. Same with the Washington Post. Best thing-no paper or magazines to recycle.

  3. We get tons of these offers all the time from various publications that we used to subscribe to. I agree - it's ridiculous, annoying, a HUGE waste of paper, etc., etc.

  4. I get several of those same magazine "ads" every month. I hate them for the same reason you do. And usually they are for magazines we haven't subscribed to in years.

  5. Yes question everything...sad that we have to do that.

  6. Yes, this has come up multiple times for my husband's subscriptions. Loathe it.

  7. Yes, most of my subscriptions come with something that looks like that. One by one, I have let them all lapse except for my favorite one or two. I am not amused either. Blessings, Betsy

  8. Yes, indeed!

    I got a similar bill for Cooking Light saying that I was automatically renewed. Well, THAT would be interesting since they don't have a credit card on file for me.

  9. Hum, I haven't paid much attention to magazine subscription cards. I really only had one quilting magazine coming in. It lapsed recently and I am not renewing. I'm ticked that so many quilt magazines are now owned by the same company. I used to subscribe to two or so and then would rotate which ones I wanted each year. I found I wasn't really reading and using the one I had continued. I might start again in a year or two but I could just pull out the old ones and start looking for inspiration that way! I save them all.


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