Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Parking Challenged" Drivers

Trailhead parking lot
Riverton, WY
September 2015
It seems to be increasingly difficult for drivers in my area to park their vehicles according to the "suggested" spaces. I shake my head in disbelief when I see scenes like the one in the photo; however, I know full well the frustration of dealing with the "parking-challenged" drivers.

Do you remember my post about the driver that parked so close that I could not get into my car on the driver's side and could not safely maneuver my car out of the parking space?

My experience with challenged drivers

Another shopper's experienced with challenged drivers

Since my experience, I am cautious of where and how I park because clearly there are drivers who are "parking challenged."


  1. It really makes me wonder how they got a drivers license in the first place?!?

  2. It looks like since the first one parked so goofy there was nothing to do but follow suit:) I must confess that although I do park within the lines I am always angled slightly and I even try hard not to be!

  3. Apparently the parking "rules" don't apply to them. :-(

    We have the same problem here. Some people seem to think that if you pull into the turn lane, put on your hazard flashers, then you can play on your cell phone.

  4. Follow the leader! Good to hear you are done with your leaves too! Only snow piles this morning:)

  5. I bet the first truck in the top photo parked that way to prevent anyone from parking next to him. At least, that's what they do here. Drives me nuts that some people feel entitled to take as many spaces as they want, and up front too. It doesn't bother me as much if they park at the back of the lot, except at Christmas or Black Friday when every space is needed.

    It's funny that you post this because I did a search on parking lot hogs just the other day after seeing something like this at Home Depot. That and the people with a sense of entitlement who park in the loading zone before starting their shopping so they can park in the shade.

  6. Frustrating, indeed!

    I'm back, and have enjoyed looking back at the posts I missed. I'm very interested to see the Faroese Shawl in progress!! They do fit wonderfully.

  7. Oh, dear. :( I'm glad I live in a tiny town where there are very few parking spaces and no parking lots like this. I do remember those days when I lived in large cities and the traffic/parking problems that existed there. Hope parking this winter is easier for you than it has been in the past (I read your previous posts on parking woes).

  8. I wonder whether they stop at stop signs?

  9. is that like reading between the lines? Glad you didn't park by them


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