Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Before They Disappear - Pay Phone

Pay Phone
Walmart foyer
Riverton, WY
October 2015
A couple of weeks ago, I gathered all the loose plastic, shopping bags around my house and took them to Walmart's recycle bin. When I entered the store foyer, I spotted a payphone.

Pay phone sightings are becoming more and more rare, so when I see one, I take a photo. . .before they disappear completely in this age of cell phones.

Two years ago, I challenged my readers to look around their community for pay phones, and Tracy has been on the lookout. She recently spotted two phones in one day.

Tracy sent me some links on pay phones - it's fun to see just how many phones used to be in our communities and have gradually disappeared.

Pay phone directory

The Pay phone project

Posts of earlier sightings in my community and beyond:

Lander, WY

Douglas, WY

Canadian park (Guest post)

Have you spotted any pay phones in your community? If you have, go take a photo before they disappear.


  1. That one even looks fairly new! Nice find!

  2. Good find! You have to drive a long ways to find one in Minnesota! I think the nearest one to me is in Fergus Falls Mn and that is 90 miles away:)

  3. Now you have sparked my interest! I will have to look when I go to Walmart today. I have never noticed a pay phone there but maybe I have missed it.

  4. I haven't spotted a pay phone in our area in a couple of years. But now I'll have to look for closely.

  5. I remember your post 2 years ago about pay phones.

  6. I'm a fan of a pay phone sighting. I definitely get all nostalgic and feel the need to tell my son about having to keep a dime and then a quarter in my pocket. He rolls his eyes immediately. hehe.

  7. I do think I know where one is in my neighborhood FOR YOU

  8. I always do a double take when I see one because I do so rarely see them. I wonder how many teenagers even know what they are. LOL

  9. I don't recall seeing any recently, but now I will be on the lookout. ;-)

  10. I can't even remember when I last saw one around here.


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