Friday, April 4, 2014

Foreign Friday

Lee Nelson
Robert D. Edgren High School
Misawa AFB, Japan
When I was teaching, I learned quickly that the two individuals who make things happen in ANY school are the secretary and the custodian - befriend those individuals and life is much easier.

Lee's smile and personality always brightened my day.

Note Lee's IBM Selectric typewriter. Those machines were wonderful. I remember typing on red, blue, green, and beige ones. Do you remember other colors?


  1. Our high school had just a few IBM Selectrics in our typing classroom, all of them beige. I was lucky enough to get use one. It was my favorite typewriter.

  2. Funny you should mention typewriters because I just dug out my Auntie's old portable manual typewriter. And then I had to search on how to clean it so the keys would move smoothly.

  3. We had all beige machines in our typing class in 1975. And I was thrilled to get to use them, since we grew up at home doing our typing on a manual 'pound the keys' typewriter, and old Remington, I think. The IBM's type was so perfect in comparison......and the typed 'e' wasn't filled in! lol

  4. My old Selectric was black and years later I owned a gray one. They were the king of typewriters. I loved mine and wish I had kept it!

  5. You are so right - the school secretary was my "go to" person for information because she always knew who, what, when, and where. We had some terrific gals in our school office over the years.

    And the typewriter? I only remember the ugly green ones. Technology has sure changed since I took typing in the late 1960s.

  6. I remember the green ones . Zach has learned those two in valuables quickly

  7. Mine was green...what a machine!

  8. That smile would brighten up the darkest day.

    I had a few Selectrics. My one at home was white. At work I had a grey one and at college, I had a minty-green one. I loved typing with the italic ball, but that was ONLY for personal letters. At work we had to use a more blocky font.

  9. What a great smile - and I hope BIG glasses come back in style; they're far more functional. I used grey, tan and that weird greenish Selectric...

  10. And now we Keyboard..... What I remember is the struggle it was to fix errors and the erasable paper, but lining it back up was a big challenge. I think the schools sec'y and custodians are still key people although they may go by different titles now.

  11. I have two typewriters in my collection, an Olivetti Leterra 36 and a Blue Smith Corona.


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