Thursday, February 27, 2014

Jack and Jill - Revisited

Jack and Jill
baby quilt
44 x 54 inches
It's been almost three years since I finished the Jack and Jill quilt top. For three years it marinated in a plastic bag in my sewing room, waiting for me to purchase a walking foot for my Bernina machine so I could machine quilt it.

I finally purchased the walking foot in December.

After man-handling this small quilt around in my limited sewing space, I have admiration for those who use their sewing machine to quilt full-sized quilts.


  1. Ooh it looks beautiful. Doesn't it feel wonderful to have it finished?

  2. Oh wow. Well done! It looks great! I hope you are really happy with it.

  3. great finish! this quilt is sure to be loved!

  4. Lovely Nancy.... yes... I don't like machine quilting... good for you to do it:)!! and it looks good!!

  5. Nancy - I loved your choice of the word "marinated". Much more positive spin on our UFOs. I may have to adopt this word myself. The quilt turned out great and I agree that people who can do a full-sized quilt on a home machine are amazing.

  6. Such a treasure. You are gifted nancy

  7. I have great admiration for quilters!! Jack and Jill is beautiful and well worth the required manhandling.

  8. Very pretty. I love the way the binding makes the other purples pop, How do you have it hung? It looks very clever.

  9. Stunning!! I'm just plain amazed by quilters, period.


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