Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Deja vu

Smiths' parking lot
January 2014
A couple of weeks ago, I came out of Smiths Grocery and found the scene shown above. I knew exactly how this woman felt about not being able to get into her car. 

You might remember that this happened to me last year and nearly in the same area of the same parking lot. 

The woman in the photo obviously called the police. The driver of the white SUV was located in the store and asked to move her vehicle. Ironically, she pulled through and parked in the space in front of her. She didn't even attempt to center her vehicle in the parking space and parked on the yellow line again. 

Since my experience, I have learned to find a space that allows me to drive out rather than back out. 


  1. Strange to see it again in the same parking lot. LIke you, I always pull through when possible--easier all the way around.

  2. That is so frustrating when it happens. Our school parking lot and the local workout center share a parking lot, so it is always really full. And the most common problem I notice are the people who park so crooked they take up 2 spaces. Love the idea that the lady called the police and "inconvenienced" the other driver too.

  3. That has happened to me, too. I had to enter on the passenger side and climb over the console. What a pain! I also like to drive straight through the parking place. I don't like backing out.

  4. How frustrating! Sometimes, parking spaces are not wide enough to accommodate even regular sedans, but this space clearly was large enough!

  5. The SUV lady should have been given a ticket..clearly you can see the marked lines. Up here the snow sometimes covers the lines..but hey people give others some room to get in their car! :(

  6. I remember when that happened to you! Man, what a frustrating experience. I'm glad the lady called the police and got the bad parking person to move the vehicle. Wonder what's the problem: needs glasses? needs to understand the reason for the lines on the pavement? needs some empathy for others? needs to lose the license?

  7. That's a good idea Nancy. I will consider that when I park our new truck.

  8. That is so frustrating. I've had that happen a couple of times..ugh!

  9. Oh good grief. What is wrong with people!? As someone proficient at parallel parking a fire engine, I am known to gripe, "Don't buy it if you can't park it." Hrmph.

    And what about the aged (not in pristine condition) sports car that parked across two spots at the grocery store the other week!? ARGH!!!


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