Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Heading Out

March in Wyoming usually means WIND and lots of it. Even with the wind, it is a great time to get outside to walk or to work in the yard.

When I found a partial skein of Manos del Uruguay in my yarn basket, I decided to make a headband to wear on my morning walks. Since the headband is a quick knit, I made two.
Adult-sized headbands
20 inches in circumference
Bea's Headband
size 10 or 10.5 circular needle (16" length)
worsted weight yarn (double stranded)

Holding yarn doubled or using two worsted weight yarns, cast on 72 stitches

Begin knitting in the round being careful not to twist stitches: K2, P2 for 5 rows
Knit 7 rows of plain stockinette stitch
K2, P2 for 5 rows
Bind off loosely
Headband will be approximately 4 inches wide
The headband shown at the bottom of the top photo will be given away this week. To have your name added to the drawing, leave a comment and tell me about your favorite worsted weight yarn.

Even if it is too warm in your area right now to wear the headband, it would be a good start to your Christmas gift box.

Winner will be announced on Monday, March 11th. Good luck, everyone.


  1. I'm a fan of knitted headbands. Love the ones you made!

    I use a lot of worsted weight yarn for baby blankets and baby items. My favorite yarn to use is an acrylic/cotton blend or if I can find it, all cotton. I'm not particular about the brand.

  2. Love how those turned out.

    I am not too particular about the brand but one of my favorite yarns is Noro.

  3. Very pretty ..... Manos del Uraguay looks a lot like Noro. They look like they will keep your ears nice and warm.

    Congrats on finishing them.

  4. Those are perfect for the wind! I always got cold ears in Wyoming. LOL

  5. I am thrilled that you left the pattern. I have a hard time finding a pattern for headbands. I wear them all the time. YOurs are lovely. !!!

  6. MY favorite wool is Lambs Pride or Malabrigo---my favorite Acrylic is Knit Picks Brava

    Nice pattern!!!

  7. Good looking headbands, Nancy!! My favorite is probably Malabrigo, but I also really like Noro Silk Garden, Alpaca, and Manos del Uraguay. They are all fantastic!

  8. I'm horrible at picking favorites! I gravitate toward anything soft, though.

  9. I love a headband. I have a double-knit one I wear a lot unless it's below 40 or very windy...

  10. I'll bet that yarn was wonderful to work with, how satisfied you must be to use up that bit of yarn and make some pretty headbands!

  11. A very good idea, I love the idea of making one for yourself, and one for a gift.


  12. I know nothing of worsted yarn weights..it is a foreign language to me. Your head bands are really cute:)


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