Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Back in Time - Mrs. Bond

Fern Bond
Sixth Grade Teacher
Pavillion, WY
circa 1962 or 1963
Mrs. Bond was my sixth grade teacher. Actually, I think she taught every one of my brothers and sisters. She appeared to be a gruff lady; however, she was a softy once you got to know her.

No one messed around in Mrs. Bond's class: she was all business. One thing that she pounded into our heads was the difference between "picture" and "pitcher" and how enunciation was important for communication. The picture of George Washington hanging on the wall behind her desk was often used to illustrate her point. Whenever I see that picture today, I remember her insistence in enunciation.

Mrs. Bond was special to me because she went out of her way to help me when I was in her class. I broke both bones in my leg the summer of 1962, and started school that fall with a heavy plaster cast from my toes to the middle of my thigh. Mrs. Bond's classroom was on the second story of the brick building. Every morning, she met me at the bottom of the stairs and helped me up staircase. She helped me down the stairs to go to the bathroom and back up the stairs to class. I had the cast for 17 weeks, and she helped me every day during that time. It was during those long weeks that I discovered Mrs. Bond was a softy.

Long after she retired and I had a classroom of my own in Wheatland, I wrote to Mrs. Bond. I wanted her to know how much I appreciated her help and how much she meant to me.

Did you have a teacher who made an impact on your life?


  1. I don't have a story like yours, but I feel blessed to have had many wonderful teachers throughout my time in school.

  2. I had several special teachers. This post reminded me though of Mrs. Dent, my 7th grade grammar teacher. I don't know that she was special in the same sense, but she also drilled us on PIN and PEN. I can enunciate to make them sound different, but it's an effort for this southern gal!

  3. What a great story! Both my parents were teachers, so enunciation was mandatory at our house! It still irks me when my MIL says 'suppose-of-ly'.....and she says it a lot! :o) (Also, we heard the phrase "Look it up!" daily! lol)

  4. Mrs. Bond sounds like a wonderful teacher. I do wish I had a teacher like that - but I do not. I would guess that many of your students remember you fondly Nancy. g

  5. My dad is a retired schoolteacher, so he is the teacher with the biggest influence on my life--though he never taught in my school.

    I had many wonderful teachers over the years, though. Your picture of Mrs. Bond reminds me of my 4th-grade teacher, Mrs. Hite.

  6. Well TODAY is Zach's very first day of student teaching at the high school level. HE's nervous. WIll you pray for him??
    I m going to show him your post.

    HE's going to be such agreat teacher he's going to amaze himeself....just by being him.

  7. I LOVE your story. She was a special teacher. I'm impressed that you have a photo of her too. I only took one picture of a teacher, and that was when I took my new camera to school in 4th grade. I did love that teacher, Mrs. Marsh. She was new that year and my mom says the principal gave all the good students to the other 4th grade teacher and 'stuck' Mrs. Marsh with the losers and new kids. I had never been a good student until that year, but her method of teaching turned me around. I'm forever grateful to Mrs. Marsh and the principal who 'stuck' me in her class.

  8. I'm so impressed that you have a picture of our dear 6th grade teacher. Boy, I remember her as being all business too. She really drilled us on our grammar...and I am so glad she did!! Wonderful post, Nancy!

  9. Oh yes!! Mrs. Armbruster, my fourth grade teacher. She taught me how to read. I somehow slipped through the system until the fourth grade and when she realize my shyness about reading aloud in class was because I couldn't read, she spent hours after class for a whole school year teaching me how to enjoy books and studying. In High School I worked in the Library and she would call me and ask, "What have you been reading lately?" I owe her so much!! I owe so many teachers so very much!!!

  10. She sounds like she was such a wonderful person, especially since she helped you every day for that long! I have enjoyed hearing about her, I admire her too. My mother was the teacher who made the most impact on my life, she taught me at home until I was 15. Even now I learn so much from her.

  11. Love this post! Mine was Ms. Warr. I blogged about her last year. It's often the toughest teachers we remember the most.

  12. She sounds like a lovely lady! Good memories! I had a Mr Collins a Geography teacher..he was a marvelous man ..he taught, really taught..:)


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