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Back in Time - 1960s

The 1960s was the final decade of graduates for Pavillion High School, a mere sixty year span for a school district that started in 1909 in a humble log structure, funded and built by community members.

Graduates from the 1950s and 1940s can be seen by clicking on the previous links. Observant readers will notice a different photographer was used for the senior portraits during this decade. The senior portraits of the 40s and 50s were taken by O'Neil Photo in O'Neil, Nebraska; all the senior portraits in the 60s, by Lehman Studio in Riverton, WY.

I want to thank the following individuals for helping me identify some the photos in the class composites for this decade: my cousin Bob and his fiancee Anna, my sisters Marilyn and Evelyn, and good friend Nancy J. As always, click the photos to enlarge. Please send any corrections to me via a comment or email (address given in the righthand column).

Class of 1960
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Eugene Tolman, Wayne Maxson, Leon Roland, Carol Schneider,
Stan Roden. Row 2: Lary Hansen, Karen Childers. Row 3: Bruce
Cunningham, Kenneth Anderson. Bottom: Carolyn Honeycutt,
Janet Capellan, Mr. Hansen (Supt.), Roger Thorson (sponsor),
J.C. Portlock, Carol Honeycutt.
Class of 1961
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: David Locker, Barbara Fike, Ted Gies, Mr. Hansen (Supt.),
Richard Murray, Janie Tromblee, Albert Kenyon. Center: Bill Turner,
Eddy Pickett, Helen Stearns, Ron Groathouse. Bottom: Scott Ratliff,
Richard Pattison, Ardis Wall, Carolina Olheiser,
Kathy Bowers, Chan McKearn.
Class of 1962
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Jean Goss, Nanci Pattison, Robert Stearns, Sharon Hansen,
Charlene Lewis, Keith Huelle. Center: James Andersen, Russell Maxson,
Everett Frazier, Charlene Vermillion. Bottom: Glenn Murray,
Dennis Printz, Harry Rhodes (Supt.), Roger Thorson (sponsor),
Jack Eckley, Rebecca Locke.
Class of 1963
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Richard Groathouse, Marilyn Stearns, Sherry Pickett,
Marlene Burden, Stephen Pickett. Bottom: Barry Cunningham,
Marion Luoma, Mr. Hainey (Supt.), Lavonne Richardson, Terry Schmuck.
Class of 1964
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Bob Gilliam, Emery Mowery, Harold Portlock, Yvonne Boss,
Alexander Smith. Center: Ronald Cunningham, Ronald Stubbs. Bottom:
Raymond Weliever, Jeffrey Wiebe (Prin.), Roger Thorson (Supt.), Gary Hasket.
Class of 1965
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Christina Williams, Dennis Wenner, JoAnn Manley, Kenneth Honeycutt,
Marie Hunt. Row 2: Gary Roland, Roger Thorson (Supt.), Jeffrey Wiebe
(Prin.), David Cook. Row 3: Sandra Leonhardt, Harold Smith, Robert
Vermillion, Kathryn Harebo, Ron Flack, Alan Pattison, Janice Blankenship.
Bottom: Erica Bartel, John Childers, Joe Durant, Alice Pattison, Roslie Weliever,
Lynette Bogacz, Dennis Christensen. 
In Pavillion City, Irene Jones detailed improvements made to the school in its final years.
  • 1966    Kindergarten started and held in the Methodist church basement one block west of the high school building. (page 70) (This church also hosted the annual baccalaureate services prior to graduation.)
  • 1968    New elementary classrooms and a kitchen/cafeteria were added north of the existing high school building. Pavillion's new elementary was the first school in this section of Wyoming to have carpeting in the classrooms.The previous elementary building (the two-story brick building to the south) now housed the junior high students. 
  • 1969    The consolidation of the Pavillion and Morton districts was passed by the two school boards, and the consolidated district was named Wind River. Elementary and middle school students attended classes in the former Pavillion school buildings, while the high school students used the former Morton school buildings 10 miles away. (page 71)
Class of 1966
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Gayvonne Green, JoAnn Grable, Roger Thorson (Supt),
Jeffrey Wiebe (Prin.), Peggy Wempen, Twila Marie May.
Row 2
: John Smith, Edward LeClair, Alan Davis, David Dodrill.
Row 3: Gary Roden, Bob Luoma, Gene Henry, Jerry Huelle.
Bottom: Mike Leonhardt, Laurin Leonhardt, Tom Judson, Jim Hunt,
Kent Christensen, Orville Stevens, James Barquin, Jr.
Class of 1967
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Georgia Arnold, Tim Judson, Jean Leonhardt, Jerry White,
James White, Cheri Buckmaster. Center: Daniel Wempen, Mike Mills.
Bottom:  Doreen Williams, Steve Leonhardt, Roger Thorson (Supt.),
Deanna Sue Bogacz, Neal O'Neal, Linda Groathouse. 
Class of 1968
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Raleigh Mowery, Jera Lyn Nelson, Susan Bower, John Russell, Jr.,
Marlene McAlister, Earl Threet. Center: John Glaser, Paula Stearns.
Bottom: Sheryll Wempen, Jack Weliever, Roger Thorson (Supt.),
Teena Johnson, Robert Turay, Rita Heckart.
Class of 1969
Pavillion High School
Pavillion, WY
Top: Cathryn Rohn, Gary Welsh, Ralph White, Miles Manley, Karen Hill.
Center: Charles Taylor, George O'Neal. Bottom: Lois Schierkolk,
Roger Thorson (Supt.), Nancy Stearns, Jack Gilk (Prin.), Myra Williams.
School mascot: Panther
School colors: Red and White

School song: (the Pep Club often sang the school song in two-part harmony)
        Hail to thee, Pavillion High School
        Glorious is thy name
        Evermore thy sons and daughters carry on thy fame.
        Bounded by the hills and mountains, alma mater hail.
        May the boundless of thy glory never, never fail.

        Red and white, fight, fight,
        Red and white, fight, fight
        Who fight? We fight.
        Red and white, fight, fight!


  1. It is amazing to me that you can look at other school annuals for that time period and people look much the same...same hair style, glasses, poses and etc.

  2. I found you! I guess everyone in the class of '69 could say they graduated in the top ten.

  3. The Panther is a great mascot.

  4. This is so cool that you put these decades of graduates together. Plus, I like the historic anecdotes. Wonderful. Well done, Nancy! I like Wool Winder's comment that everyone in your class could boast that they graduated in the top 10. Ha.

  5. Oh I'll bet the song is fantastic too! I love the old school spirit songs. I went to a boarding school that's 180 years old and each class still learns the hymns and spirit songs from years ago, it was such a great experience. I'm guessing that the fabulous Pavillion High School song has been retired, such a shame.

  6. Man...those pictures make me feel old... I graduated in 1970.... I didn't know that was so long ago LOL... (I did find you...I thought we were fairly close in age)

  7. This has been fun to see - thanks so much for sharing. g

  8. What a fun time it must have been though. I can't imagine knowing every single person in my class. I bet reunions are interesting too.

  9. I graduated in'61 and I swear there are people in that yearbook that I went to school with. Only problem is our school is way across the country in Maine. So funny how everyone looked alike in each time period. Loved this blog post!


  10. Neat!! Lots of Stearns in the '60s...

  11. Yvonne in 1964 must have had lots of dates! I spied you in 1969..same year as me. Those were the days:)


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