Friday, March 15, 2013

Foreign Friday

Along the Nakajima River
Nagasaki, Japan
April 1980
These homes are on the bank of the Nakajima River in Nagasaki, near Spectacle Bridge. A previous post of this area can be found here.

The rock wall is typical of those that surround castles in this area.


  1. The wall actually looks a little precarious. Hopefully the water doesn't rise too much.

  2. Beautiful. The wall appears to be of the hand-layed,no mortar style used around here (Virginia) before and during the Civil War.

  3. Oh I want to live there! How nice!

  4. Amazing!! I wonder if the people who built the wall knew that it is a work of art! Does the river ever rises to the height of the wall?

  5. Isn't that amazing! Thanks for sharing this. :<)

  6. I Love the Water in this Picture Nancy . It intrigues me.


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