Thursday, September 27, 2012

Down the Drain

Unusual sink
Grand Sierra Casino
Reno, NV
September 2012 
The surface was flat but sloped just slightly,
 allowing water to drain. 

Would you want one of these sinks in your home?


  1. That is a great sink, not for me though, a little to fancy, schmancy, Nancy! LOL I love the great bathrooms in the casinos.

  2. I'm thinking no. Looks like it would be messy.

    When we were in Phoenix there were several "odd" faucets. I got annoyed trying to figure out how to work them. Just give me a regular old handle when I've got soapy hands.

  3. I've seen similar. Beautiful, but no. I'm a very traditional gal with a focus on easy to clean and/or doesn't show dog hair/dirt.

  4. I'm thinking it would be too easy to have water spilling over everywhere if the drain got clogged, so I'll vote no. However, it is an interesting design.

  5. I didn't see this one...and what an interesting concept. I'm thinking I would not like it in a home.

  6. I love looking at non-traditional fixtures and sinks but a would not like to have them in my home. Our son and his wife have the ceramic basins that sit on top of the counter and I can't seem to get my hands down into it without spraying water everywhere!!

  7. I wouldn't pick it for my home, but it's great for a public space where all you use a sink for is to wash your hands.

  8. Saw one of those trough type sinks in a rest stop once when traveling. Didn't care for it, found it hard to hold your hands over the little trough area so you didn't water spilling everywhere. Visiting all on my blog log to remind everyone it's fall and those homeless and others in need really need our help. Hope you're gearing up with your yarn.

  9. THe cats would LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. andn
    YOU can never go down
    never go down
    never go down the
    drain, (mr rodgers neighborhood)

  10. It's really cool, but no thanks for my home. Unless I had 24 hour housekeeping, oh right, that's me.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  11. It might be pretty easy to clean, but I have a hard time enough keeping my normal sink clean so what do I know?

  12. It looks interesting - but no, I don't want one because it looks like it would make a huge mess - water splashing everywhere. g

  13. Grands would love to play there too much:)


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