Monday, June 4, 2012

Loopy Groupie

Last Wednesday, I stopped at Loopy Ewe, an awesome yarn shop that recently relocated from St. Louis, MO to Fort Collins, CO.

I've ordered items online from Loopy Ewe for several years, but it was a treat to see the inventory in person. I could have easily spent the full morning wandering up and down the aisles admiring and squeezing the yarn.

An entire wall is dedicated to Cascade 220 and Cascade 220 Superwash
 in a beautiful array of luscious colors. 

This cozy corner housed only sock yarn; however, more
sock yarn was located in the store's center aisles.

Loopy Ewe does not have a lot of finished garment displays
 and resembles a warehouse.

The staff is friendly and helpful: they allow the shopper to browse,
 but are quick to assist if necessary.

The shop has an open knit night, so if you are in the Fort Collins area, check it out. 

These bags were filled with 24 mini skeins
Lorna's Laces sock yarn. I was tempted to
purchase a bag of solid yarns and. . .
the self-striping, but I managed to restrain myself.

Instead, I purchased four skeins of Spud and Cloe merino and silk as well as
four skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash for two T-shirt sweaters. 

It was wonderful to browse the aisles and
pet the skeins of yummy fiber. 

Anyone who reads the Loopy Ewe blog, knows about Herman.
Herman is used to transport the mail-order packages from the
 second-story store to the service elevator. He sometimes makes
several trips up and down in the elevator each day.
Be aware that the store is a bit difficult to find because it is on the second story of a large building, and the entrance doors, located at the end of the building, are not well marked. After walking around the building twice, I finally asked a security guard for assistance. The entrance is in a courtyard between the two buildings on the north side of the street.

I will definitely return to Loopy Ewe whenever I pass through Fort Collins.


  1. Looks like they have every color of Cascade 220. With some many choices it must have been tough to make a decision. It would have been for me.

  2. Thanks for the tour!! I am frequently overwhelmed in my friend's yarn shop which I visit very regularly, so I'm sure I'd want to spend HOURS there, touching everything...

  3. I loved the visual tour as it seems I never get many places in person. What beautiful yarns and the colors are stunning.
    Rebel Follower

  4. It is a bit over whelming in there isn't it? The Loopy Ewe is so close to where I live it's dangerous.

  5. OOOOOhhhhh, you lucky, lucky woman! Overwhelming, to say the least. Thanks so much for the tour.

  6. I've ordered from them for years but have never been to their shop. Thanks for sharing with us about your trip there . . now I feel like I've been! :) What a neat shop they have!

  7. Oh my goodness!! What wonderful yarn.... it must of been so much fun!!!

  8. I love Loopy Ewe!! I order from them online and they make me feel like an old friend every time. They even send me a little gift with each order. Good people!!

  9. Oh my ... I think I MUST make a trip to Fort Collins. That store is AWESOME!!!!

    I noticed the food book in your sidebar. Was it a good book?

  10. What a huge amount of yarn!! Would sure be hard to choose.

  11. very fun trip throughout the store.....I would have had to take the lornas in variegated
    colorways for SURE. GOod that you had your projects in mind Nancy!

  12. Doggy Heaven! You have me addicted to socks now!

  13. I bet you wandered around a really long time..what fun for you! :)

  14. Thanks for the tour. Next time I am in Ft Collins, I must stop by--Sara, in NE

  15. Thanks for sharing that. Here in NZ we fancy our selves as knitters but I have never seen a shop like that! I think you better send all these comments over to the shop



  16. What a fun trip! I'm jealous that you got to go. Looks like big fun. g

  17. Oh, my, yes I am jealous but I am trying to restrain myself on purchasing yarn. I did buy all the surprise jacket directions but I am clueless about making it. I'll email personally eventually to see if you have some helpful suggestions. I'm checking out this store's web site. Thanks for sharing.


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