Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It Saddens Me To See. . .

Wind Generators
Shirley Basin
Wyoming Highway 487
May 2012
I was not expecting to see these giant wind generators when I topped the hill on the Shirley Basin Road because the last time I travelled this road, they were not there. The structures were so large and so close to the road that they created an eerie scene, and honestly, it made me sad to see them looming over the landscape. Click on the photo to get a better idea of their size and gain some perspective. Note the dark vehicle in the left-hand lane of the highway and the white vehicle in the field near the center of the photo. The wind generators are enormous.

Even though Wyoming's strong winds can generate a lot of power, every year more of these huge columns line the ridges and stretch across valleys, and they can be seen for miles. While the generators might be necessary, in my opinion, they are unsightly and destroy Wyoming's natural beauty. Yes, we may be gaining "green energy," but we are losing so much more. I can't help but wonder who will be responsible for removing the aging and obsolete towers once they have outlived their usefulness and are no longer profitable. I envision them rusting and becoming even more of an eyesore.

It saddens me to see these towers multiplying in Wyoming.

Update: November 22, 2013

Despite being a unattractive feature on the Wyoming landscape, these enormous wind turbines are deadly, especially for birds. More information can be seen here.


  1. I wonder if anyone has even thought about what happens when they're "used up"?

  2. You are right. They are eerie. Good word choice. :)

  3. Nancy I could not agree with you more!! They are unsightly....we have them in Southern Alberta.

    I remember the first time I went to Palm Springs... I had this lovely image in my mind...and the first thing I saw was LOTS of those Wind Generators...and my impression of Palm Springs changed... When we were in MT...we saw a train about 1/2 mile long and every car carried one of the blades...I didn't have my camera....it gave you a good perspective of how big they really are!

  4. Have seen these in Nev. as well. They are unsightly but guess they are good for alternative energy. At least they can be taken down where some of the other avenues just destroy all in its path.

  5. I always feel like I'm in some kind of science fiction movie when I see these. I think it's the hugeness of them and the way they move.

  6. not many in our area yet....want to move by me??? id love to have you

  7. There are only a very few in Western Washington - too many houses. But when I've seen them I always think they are majestic, especially when their blades are moving. That being said, I've never seen them as close up as your photos even. g

  8. They are popping up here in Indiana too. The government's subsidizing these right now, but when they wear out or when this technology is no longer current, they will be abandoned. MCI constructed a tower on our farm 30 plus years ago, when that technology became obsolete they sold the tower and our contract. The "new" owner went bankrupt and we're now in legal proceedings trying to get legal possession so we can take it down. Which by the way, will costs thousands of dollars!

  9. I've wondered the same thing - when I look at my own town, and note the various buildings that cannot even be torn down, due to some EPA issue or another. Even if they put some kind of "abandoned property" clause into the contracts, we really know it won't be enforceable due to some glitch or loophole. Sad.

  10. We have only a few in our area..one in town but it is not as big as these guys. In town the school kids did it as a project to generate power. Over in Moorhead there are two just east of town. We saw field after field of them in southern Canada. Sometimes we see them going down the road in parts. I think some are manufactured up in Grand Forks ND or some such little town nearby. That plant provides work for many people. I suppose that they will be an eye sore on the landscape in the years to come...all energy pollutes in some way..I am not sure if they are good or bad yet:)


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