Friday, June 29, 2012

Foreign Friday - Guest Post

Japanese washing machine
April 2012
Dear Wyoming Breezes Foreign Friday Fan Club:

It is time to get out of our kimonos and wear comfortable clothes again. Some of Nancy's future Foreign Fridays will feature signs and labels from my recent trip to Japan. Since my husband and I don't know the Japanese language, we depended 100% on our hosts and the signs to explain directions. Today's photo shows why I didn't do my own laundry while in Japan. Would you know how to use this washing machine?

Your friend,

• More of Sheila's photos will be featured in future Foreign Fridays. 


  1. I wouldn't have done my own laundry either.

  2. Oh my. I wouldn't have known where to start!!

  3. There seem to be some interesting diagrams on the machine which might help, but maybe not. Like Sissy--just show me the start button! LOL

  4. just push buttons til it goes????? LOL

  5. The label says "Compact and Low Body Washer." I would like to put myself in to have a "Compact and Low Body." Would that work? Yes, I think I will "just push buttons til it goes."
    Thanks for your fun comments!


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