Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dreams Do Come True

Saturday was the annual yard sale in addition to a support group meeting. It was a long, busy day, but I found an item that has been on my Wish List for ages.

When I first saw the cabinet, I thought it was a buffet server because my sister has one that is similar in design, but when I opened the top, I could hardly contain myself: it was actually a sewing machine cabinet.

I begged my friend's husband to haul it to my house, and after church Sunday morning it didn't take me long to get it into the house and in my sewing room. I am in heaven!

The cabinet was not designed for a Bernina, but the detachable table that came with my machine fills up most of the space.

The best part - it has a lift so I can raise and lower my machine. It is a bit stiff, but I think some WD-40 will cure that issue.

Want to hear the best part?

I got this cabinet for $25. It is in near perfect condition with only a scratch on one of the front doors.

I may actually do more sewing now that my machine is not three higher than the table's surface.

The next item on my wish list is an adjustable chair.

Saturday, I discovered that Dreams Do Come True, so I'll Dream On!


  1. Wow!!!! What a great buy and it is perfect for you. So glad you got it and keep your eyes peeled for the chair:)

  2. Keep dreaming sister! It is a beautiful piece of furniture. The chair is out there somewhere calling you!

  3. Good job bringing this item home. When I broke down and bought a REAL sewing table, my own output increased by 100s of percents! It was just so much easier having it all together! Enjoy!

  4. Good things come to those who wait!
    This will probably make things easier on the back and neck when you sew, too. Congratulations!

  5. What a great find! (and great deal, too!)


    PS: I have the quilt you sent quilted and bound... I will deliver it to the local Women's Shelter next week. They were VERY excited when I asked if they needed a quilt.

  6. Lovely! What a wonderful find...I know it will make your sewing more enjoyable. I am happy for you!

  7. So, you may not be able to take advantage of my grocery store deals, but you sure beat me on furniture! I love that cabinet!!!!

  8. Congrats on the find! I love when I find deals like that.

  9. I think an adjustable chair will be easier to find than the sewing cabinet. You'll be all set soon, I think.

  10. Nice find, hope you enjoy it and get to sew more with things being more convenient. I know mine's in a box in the basement, and well...it's easy to grab yarn.

    Speaking of yarn, zap me your ady; you're next up on Betsy Ross. Left a message on the forum on RAV, but think with the death in the family poor Tracy is a bit busy.

    Thanks, have a good wkend.
    sandycrochet@gmail.com or
    schcrochet on RAV
    Midwest Oddballs

  11. What a great find! I love my sewing cabinet but I can tell you it cost a lot more than $25.

  12. Hi Nancy! GREAT find... absolutely love the sewing cabinet.... and I agree with others who said the chair will be much easier to find! Enjoy... JeannieTX

  13. Beautiful! I love this..Once - a long time ago I had one like it but the machine wasn't detachable and it was a White...ran like a dream and sounded like a train. My parents bought it for me when I was a teen at an auction...I think for the same price.


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