Vintage Pattern Rescue

Want to knit a vintage sweater or add a vintage pattern to your collection? The following patterns (rescued at the local senior center) could be just what you are seeking. Take one, take two or more, or take them all. I'll pay the postage, too. Update September 23, 2010 - all of the patterns have been taken. Thank you for your interest.

Left: Saginaw, Ladies or Youth Sizes 32-34-36-38 (circa 1962)
Right: Basic Pattern, Ladies' Sizes 14-16-18; Youth Sizes 32-34-36 (circa 1962)

Left: Child's Cardigan (cat) Sizes 2-4-6
Right: Child's Cardigan (dog) Sizes 4-6
Both are taken (11/23/09)
Left: Slim Style Coat, Ladies' Sizes 12-14-16-18 (circa 1961)
Right: Sporty Cape, One Size

Left: Prairie Prancers, Women's or Teenager's Cardigan, Sizes 14-16-18 or
Men's Sizes 32-34-36 (circa 1957)
Right: Antique Autos, Men's 38-40-42-44, (circa 1957)

Left: Totem Pole, Men's 38-40-42-44, (circa 1957)
Right: Sports Cars, Men's 38-40-42-44

Left: Snowmobiles, Ladies Sleeveless Vest, Sizes: 32-34-36-38
Right: Buffalo, Men's Cardigan, Sizes: 38-40-42-44, (circa 1957)

Teddy Bears, Kiddie's Cardigan, Sizes 4-6, (circa 1960)
(Taken 11/23/09)

Book with 16 classic sweaters for men and women on 55 pages. (circa 1963)

Left: Booklet with 16 classic sweaters on 20 pages, (circa 1962)
Right: Aran Jacket, Ladies' Sizes: 32-34-36-38-40-42-44

I hope you will help me find a new home for these vintage and classic patterns. Leave a comment (make sure your settings are not set at "No Reply" so I can respond) or send me an email.


  1. Those are so cool. You were right to rescue them.

  2. I am so glad I didn't see any that I own! I found a MMaxim sweater kit in my stuff during the summer and decided I had to make it before I bought something new. So, I am now knitting on a bright red sweater with bows around the body and a huge poinsettia on the right shoulder. Big question is will I ever where this thing? Maybe, you never know! Those patterns you rescued brought a smile to my lips! B.

  3. Wish I could knit!!! What neat vintage patterns, timeless.


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