Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Scrap Knits

I've been working to bring the bulging bag of scrap sock yarn under control.

Two balls of turquoise-dominant yarn were turned into this pair of fingerless mitts. Not enough yarn remains to make anything of substance, so it was pitched.

The leftovers from the Old Man River socks were adequate to make this pair of short-cuffed socks.  Note the tiny bit of yarn remaining.

I finished these short-cuffed socks out of the scraps of Rosebuds and Tidal Wave yesterday.


  1. Those are good ways to use up leftovers.

  2. Love the short cuff socks...think they would be my preference to wear.

  3. Soooo, do you have more stash in fabric or in yarn? Are you as 'hooked' on yarn as well as fabric?

    (I don't knit, but am tempted to return to it - but then I might get obsessed with it also!) 8-))

  4. So when did you squeeze all this knitting in. I'm still working on a 4 million inch scarf. Well, it seems to me it will be 4 million inches!! I've been "off" knitting a bit recently and haven't done much in the way of hand work at all. Hum, could that have something to do with the fact that I am spending way too much time on Facebook playing Bejewel or some such thing.

    Yep, answer Elaine -- yarn or fabric ... which is the bigger stash??

  5. Hands down, I have a larger yarn stash than fabric! I three Space Bags of wool sweaters that I haven't even started to ravel yet, so I guess they don't count, but I still have more yarn than fabric. Yikes, there is NO way I can use it all.

  6. Your so talentedand clever to think of ways to use your scrapes. You'd probably have a hay day with my scrape bin!

  7. How is it you manage to have scraps that go together? None of mine seem to.

    I can never think of a thing to make with mine since they are always oddballs.


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