Monday, November 9, 2009

Star Light, Star Bright

Isn't this original watercolor of a cupcake wishing on a shooting star wonderful. It was created by jessie at CAKESPY.COM and was in a surprise package that arrived in Friday's mail.

The painting and three balls of the softest yarn was the prize I won from KathyB the author of Irisheyes Knitting Blog. Her husband drew my name from all of those who sent blankets for the Cookie Sheet Blanket Contest.

Kathy received all of these lovely blankets in response to her contest.

I was happy to send some blankets and thrilled to receive these gifts.


  1. I was happy to hear that you won!

  2. Nice to get to see all the blankets...thanks for the link.

  3. I am delighted you won. A friend just showed me what she knit with that yarn. SHe did tell me you must felt it just a bit or the WORMS will not look nice. Do you know what I mean? Her scarf was amazingly soft.

  4. How wonderful! Congrats on winning! :)

  5. I am glad...the yarn even looks soft!!


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