Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yield Now or Stop Later

This morning, I spent some time and backed-up my computer files. I try to do that every three or four months, but I it had been nearly six months since my last back-up.

If you haven't backed-up your files lately, I would strongly advise it. All it takes is one major power surge to wipe out your computer. Trust me, it happens. Knowing you have your files safely copied is worth the minimal cost of the CDs.

After I organized my files, I ran a program to defragment my computer. I have learned that by doing this periodically, it does not take as long. If I delay it for six months or longer, it can take hours to defrag the hard drive.

Yielding some time and effort to copy files, to organize, and to defrag may not prevent a future disaster, but it will prevent me from losing files and having to reenter a lot of information. I prefer to Yield now rather than coming to a Stop later.

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  1. This is a good practice I should get into the habit of doing.


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