Thursday, October 23, 2008

Learning a New Skill

I enrolled in a continuing education class (two-color knitting), but I was the only student. The instructor, a Tuesday night knitting group regular, is going to teach me on Tuesday nights.

This week I began my project - a two-color Christmas stocking. Learning to knit Continental is proving to be a big challenge. It is so different to pick the yarn rather than throw the yarn, which is what I do with the right hand. Yet, this old dog is slowly learning a "new" trick. Errors and all, I like the way the stocking is turning out.


  1. I tried to comment on this earlier today, but blogger was acting up, preventing comments from being left.

    Your stocking is looking beautiful. I have never tackled two color knitting myself, and being an English "thrower" knitter, I fear it may be a challenge!

  2. It's looking good! Makes me want to start another two-color project right away.

  3. Looks like you are doing a darn good job;))

  4. Looking nice, indeed. I really like the green yarn you are using.

  5. thats good that youre learning something new..I wish i knew someone that could teach me to knit..
    have a nice weekend..

  6. I too wish I could find someone who teaches knitting in OKC! Think it is great you are using your retirement hours to help others!! I am a retired library media specialist aged 68.

  7. that is so neat, I love to knit maybe I should learn to do that. Yours looks great!


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