Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

As my thoughts begin to turn toward Fall and my taste buds yearn for treats from the oven, a new West Coast Oddball Baby Blanket, named Pumpkin Pie arrived in my mail box.

Shandeh started the blanket in North Carolina with a dark chocolate brown with flecks of orange, turquoise, yellow, green, and white. The yarn that I originally selected for this blanket did not coordinate or even complement the brown, so I selected a cross between a muted orange and peach. Shandeh knit the beginning section in a garter stitch, and I continued using it for my section.

The West Coast Oddball Knitters have finished several blankets already. You can check the group's progress here.

Update: June 11, 2009


  1. Looks good. I'm signed up for a blanket in our region. Just waiting for it to arrive.

  2. Ooh, it's going to be a pretty one, Nancy!


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