Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Pillow Talk

October will be a month of challenges: I am taking two craft classes, organized by the Central Wyoming Community College Community Outreach Center. Hopefully, I will learn how to crochet and how to do two-color, two-handed knitting.

I have tried to crochet before, but this time, I have enrolled in an actual class. It will meet three evenings this month, and the instructor promises that I will learn how to make a simple dishcloth and develop skills to crochet simple shawls and afghans. She is accepting students from ages 8+. Hopefully, I will not embarrass myself. I want to learn to crochet so I can add some borders on the Oddball Baby Blankets, but I will be happy to complete a "simple dishcloth."

My second class will be just as challenging even though I have been knitting for years. I've never knit with yarn in both hands, and the Christmas stocking project will be knit in the round with two colors. I am using yarn reclaimed from wool sweaters for the stocking. In the past, I have knit with two/three colors, but I always dropped the yarn and picked it up again.

These challenging classes and projects will occupy much of my time in October.


  1. What a cute pillow! I don't much care for holding the yarn in two hands while knitting. It confuses me. I hope your class goes well and you get it down pat. Perhaps a class is something I ought to consider.

  2. Way to go, Nancy, never stop learning!

  3. I always say I want to learn to crochet, but when it gets down to it, I never stick with it long enough to get past the basics. I guess I'll always be a knitter only.


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