Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yarn Eye Candy

I think that a basket full of yarn is pleasing to the eye: it gives a feeling of comfort and warmth. I have baskets stuffed with yarn everywhere in my house, so why not on my computer?

Tonight, I discovered that Knit Picks has some desktop wallpaper, featuring their luscious yarns. Check it out here

Vogue Knitting also has knitting-themed wallpaper here

Hello Yarn has some gorgeous photos available here

So what is stopping you from giving your computer a warm, cozy feeling?


  1. Thanks, Nancy. I was beginning to get a little tired of my current desktop photo.

  2. I went with the ice-cream cones at Knitpicks. I'm sure enjoying the colorful photo on my desktop, though I've had to resist the urge to eat ice-cream every day! ;-)

  3. I have the ice cream cones on my desktop, too. I have all of the photos for my screen saver, and it randomly scrolls through the images of luscious yarn all day long.


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