Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Al fresco Art

Art is plentiful in the communities in my area, but many times I do not notice it. Many times, I wonder how long an item has been hidden in plain sight.

On a recent trip to rehab, I took my camera to capture some al fresco art in the surrounding area.

The Red Checked Table Cloth
by Pierre Bonnard
Hudson, WY
This mural is on the side of a popular steak house in Hudson. It has always caught my eye, but when I actually stopped to get the photo I saw more interesting details.
The mural is not massive, but it is quite large.

Running from the Storm
by Jerry Antolik
I have always loved this mural by a local artist, Jerry Antolik, because its tone changes with the weather. It is appropriately called "Running from the Storm" and is mounted on the side of the Hudson Town Hall and is 8' x 16'.

Change the perspective, and the horses seem to change the direction they are running.

Smaller wildlife murals, also by Antolik, can be found across the street.

Enjoy this mural of Pronghorn Antelope while eating your lunch at the nearby table.

Antelope are common in Wyoming. In Casper, they can be found grazing on the lawn at the community events center.

On the other side of the antelope sign, is an image of the wapiti or elk. This animal is common in the mountains, although some rarely roam into the plains.

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