Thursday, May 15, 2008

College Collection

A local community college has numerous pieces of art on campus - some created by professionals and some by students.

Sacajawea is the famed Indian guide that accompanied Lewis and Clark when they explored the West. Sacajawea died on the Wind River Indian Reservation which is also located in my area. Her grave is located near Fort Washakie, but many communities around the United States claim to also be her last resting place. Personally, I believe she returned to her family when the expedition was over and died in the Wind River Range. Note the bundle on her back which is a child on a cradle board. Sacajawea was also featured on the Sacajawea dollar that was first minted in 2000.
John Singer Sargent
Several years ago, this painting seemed to have appeared overnight on the west side of the Peck Theater. I first noticed it on a dreary day and was immediately drawn to it. I am still amazed at the impact that it creates every time I see it. The couple intrigues me, and some day, I want to sit in the parking lot and write a story about them.

The works of art that are scattered around the campus are as diverse as the people who attend the college. The college president stated at the recent graduation that 73 percent of the 2008 graduates were from Wyoming, 25 percent were from out of state, and 2 percent were international students.

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  1. That painting is by John Singer Sargent and it's called "A Street In Venice." I know this because the original is in a museum in my town and I see it whenever I go. It is unbelievably compelling, as you say. I always sit and stare at it for a long time when I go to the museum.


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