Monday, May 26, 2008

Lander Lil

Without the base, Lander Lil is about 3 foot high. She is located in a green area near the Post Office and is surrounded by benches.

Perhaps, the benches are for walkers who want to sit and rest awhile, or perhaps they are for Lil's fans who gather on February 2nd. Lil is a local celebrity because she forecasts the weather although some believe she is an impostor. Several years ago, Lil disappeared and a massive search took place. She was later found at the local dump, having been discarded by the thieves. She was scratched but suffered no permanent damage.

Lil is a prairie dog and has the ability to forecast the arrival of spring. She may not be as renown as Phil in Punxsutawney, but Lil makes the news, too.
Okay, so it is only one line at the end of the article, but press is press. Right?

Unlike Phil who is caged and pampered, Lil is content to stand alone on the hillside in Lander. She gazes intently at the mountains and watches the traffic (Is there really such a thing in Lander?).

Lil welcomes the occasional visitor who ventures across the grass and sits to admire the mountains with her.

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  1. If a ground hog can predict the change of seasons, why not a prairie dog? Fun!


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