Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Challenge

beginning a Year of Stitches
January 21, 2017
While I currently have enough projects and potential projects to keep me busy for decades, I took on a challenge at the February Fiber Guild meeting. Vicky B. presented a program on embroidery and the Year of Stitches project. I haven't embroidered in years, but it quickly came back to me.

The concept is to work on an improvised design a little each day. I started with the pink and light green swoops in the upper left at the meeting. Saturday evening and Sunday, the other stitching was added. I had no idea what I was creating, but once the feather stitch in the middle was added, an idea popped into my head. I'll occasionally post my progress.


  1. Nancy it looks fun. Allison wanted a learn to embroider kit for Christmas. Purl Soho was selling one. She 's a bit afraid to start. She's thinking she'll go to a Joann Fabric and buy a piece of cloth to practice on first. She can do it . Im sending her your blog link today!

  2. I remember my grandmother teaching me several embroidery stitches, probably about the same years she was trying to teach me to knit, crochet, and tat. Only the embroidery has stuck although I don't do a lot of it. Your stitching looks very nice.

  3. Tis is really pretty. A number of people have been posting about A Year of Stitches. I used to do so much embroidery and loved it. In more recent years it has been counted cross stitch, pulled an drawn work, etc.

    I think I have the same book you show in your picture!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing it finished! My Mother did beautiful embroidery. I still have a couple of her pieces. It is a true art.

  5. One idea will lead to another ....and another....and ANOTHER and pretty soon your hoop will be full! I look forward to seeing all your different stitches.

  6. Oooh... some very nice stitches there. I used to do hand done monograms in high school to earn some money. (Believe me, not all that much money for sure!)

  7. Nice stitching. I'm looking forward to seeing your design unfold.

  8. I'm doing this, too. Isn't it fun?
    I'm glad we are both taking on this challenge.


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