Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Duffers before felting
February 2017
I've had the pattern and yarn for these slippers four years, and now they are finished. Over the weekend, I threw them in the washer with some denim jeans to felt.

ready to wear
side view
I'll find something soon to put on the bottom to make them non-slip, especially since I have wood floors.

Pattern: Duffers (Ravelry link) by Mindie Tallack

Needles: US size 11

Yarn: Cascade 220 (two skeins, as yarn is doubled when knitting)
          Color #2424

Size knit: US size 10.5 (wide)

The pattern has directions for many sizes, even wide widths. US shoe sizes: 3, 5.5, 7.5, 9.5, 10.5, and 13 are included. The directions are row by row for all sizes as well as directions for both flat knitting and circular knitting. Duffers are quick knits - only 25 rows.


  1. Those look so warm and cozy! I bought a pattern several years ago for felted slippers...just need to gather some yarn together.

  2. Those will sure keep your little piggies toasty warm.

  3. Oh Nancy, those slippers look warm and amazing. Thanks for the details. I think Judy used a non slip glue type product on her recent post, for children's slippers

  4. How cute are these?!? I understand better about putting the non slip bottoms on. I have hardwoord floors but they are worn, rental apartment floors. Yesterday I visited my friend and slipped down her wood stairs in my socks. I'm such a ding dong!

  5. I love them. I have wanted to make myself wool slippers but we have wood floors and I'm afraid of falling. What will you put on the bottom?

  6. I own this pattern and have had the yarn for quite a while also, but haven't made them. Yours look great! Comfy! I have heard of knitters applying dots of rubber cement to the bottoms of their slippers to make them save on wood floors.

  7. What a great idea! I bet they are so cosy.

  8. Hi Nancy, I am so behind on reading blogs as we've been gone and had very little time to blog. Love those slippers and now know what duffers are! I used Tulip puffy paint on the bottoms of the slippers I made. Haven't heard about any of the GK falling; they do chase around a lot, especially the younger ones.

  9. Nifty slippers. How much did they shrink when you felted them? We are having such a warm winter I can't even where my wool socks as my feet are too hot!

  10. Found this product for the bottoms of socks and slippers. http://www.marymaxim.com/sock-stop.html


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