Thursday, February 23, 2017

Back in Time - Campsite Games

campsite games
August 1999
August 1999, nearly all of my family gathered for a week-long camping trip at the Worthen Meadows campground above Lander, Wyoming. The North Dakota and Minnesota group rented a large RV and drove to Wyoming for the reunion. The Colorado and Wyoming group brought two large tents.

We played card games at the campsite on the days when the fish weren't biting or when everyone was tired of hiking. We also played bocce ball and frisbee.

Shown at the table, playing cards: Brenda (CO), Katie and Bruce (MN), Chris and Stephanie (WY). Paul (ND) can be seen in the background, and Evelyn (ND) is seated on the right.


  1. Nice memory. It reminds me of weekends spent at my grandfather's cabin with extended family. Especially during the summer when we could swim and fish in the lake. After dinner we'd all sit around the big table and play games.

  2. We played board games --- a friend from a different campsite and I had one Monopoly game that went just about all summer. We only camped on the weekends. LOL

    Those were the days. (My parents played a lot of different card games.)

  3. awesome memories and great family plan! I just gave al a boardgame she wanted for her birthday. It is a quilt like game ....I think it was called patchwork. She likes games her and Nathan can play quickly with just two people.

  4. Such wonderful memories. As you know, we spend most of our summer in our trailer at the lake. We play cards a lot with our friends and I knit and read. Until this past year there was lots of walking too. I'm hoping that will pick up again this year once my back heals.

  5. It looks like such a nice time! I love camping. When the whole family is together we often talk about campground memories.

  6. What fun. I don't think my parents ever took us camping. Hubby and I went camping with our kids though.

  7. What fun for you!! We did almost the same thing back in about 115 over in The Wyomings with all of my siblings except one and my parents joined us at the last minute. We had a blast! Lots of good memories were made:)


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