Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Charity Hats

hat and scrap ball of yarn
February 2017
Last month, I accompanied a friend to a charity knitting group that meets twice a month. One of the ladies had prepared a yarn ball out of scraps that I took to knit hats. I had no idea what colors would be in the ball or how much of each color.

 There was no rhyme or reason for the order of the colors - some worked and others not so much . . .

I prefer to knit hats with more control over the color, so I separated the remaining yarn into small balls for stripes. I like the last two hats much better than the first three.


  1. Definitely the last two are the best! I think scrap balls can be interesting, but some thought could be put into them when making....

  2. I think they are all fantastic Nancy, but I love the second to last stripes. You put so much compassion and care into so many of your crafts. It's very inspiring, very hopeful for me.

  3. They are all cute, but I agree the striped hats are much cuter. Like you, I like scrappy, but still need a bit of control over the scrappiness.

  4. You know, surprisingly the strangest hats that I take to the hospital for the newborns are the ones the nurses say are chosen by the parents first! I would lean more towards your last two hats also, but I've found that others opinions aren't always the same as mine. Ha ha ha! Have a wonderful day.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. Oh my gosh. Cute cute cute. Love the stripey ones the best!

  6. Very cute. My favorite is the dark blue and white stripes. It would work with all the things I have in my closet. LOL

  7. The hats that you striped are definitely much cuter!

  8. Those are such cute hats. I prefer the "planned striping" hats to the "let the colors fall where they may." My friend is a NICU nurse and gives out the quilts my guild makes for the babies. She has told us that parents (particularly Dads don't want any pink on quilts for boys. On the other hand my grandson Theo is often found in pink winter playsuit because it isn't really smart to go out and buy a blue one when they have a hardly used one that will fit him. I doubt he'll be traumatized the rest of his life!


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