Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sweat Shop

my sewing room
August 2014

My sewing room (aka the Sweat Shop) has been open for business several nights the past week as I worked on reducing the scraps that have been accumulating since I started making Quilts of Valor four years ago.

Often I will lose track of time as I stitch. Last week, I missed a meeting because I was distracted working on Country Crossroads.

As you can see, I watch movies on my iPad via Netflix as I sew. Last night, I watched K-911. It was fun to sew as Jerry Lee and Dooley solved crimes. Sometimes, I listen to iHeart Radio instead of watching movies or television shows. I've been a more productive knitter and quilter since I cancelled my cable TV subscription.


  1. I enjoy getting lost in a project like that.

  2. Look at all those squares coming together!

  3. If it wasn't for sports, I would cancel our cable subscription. It is getting so darn expensive!

    On the other hand, I do my BEST knitting while watching the boob tube. Or should I say ...listening to the boob tube. I only look up occasionally. LOL

  4. I am watching the seasons of Royal Pains now, I finished Switched at Birth and Cedar Cove with Andie McDowell and Call the Midwife I am still working on. I watch late at nigh and if I fall asleep I can go back and watch it again! We still have Cable for local news but at a much reduced rate...soon the cable people will price themselves right out of business! :)

  5. I wouldn't have thought of a sewing room as a sweat shop, but indeed, it could be! This made me chuckle. As many hours as you work on these beautiful creations, you could even set up a whistle or red light to indicate it's time to quit...or go to a meeting! Ha.

    For me, TV time is most often my knitting time.

  6. Love how you have it all set up just for you:)

  7. I have a small TV in my sewing room and find that usually I have Food Network or HGTV or the History channel on when I'm sewing. I also find I'm more productive when I have something to listen to while I sew. And my cat used to come in and lay on the ironing board to keep me company. But he's getting older he usually doesn't bother coming down anymore. I think he doesn't like climbing the stairs back up again. Lazy and content to stay in his chair basking in the sunshine upstairs in the family room.

  8. Wow your sewing machine is high tech! you deserve a great partner for all your quilts!

  9. If hubby is t home I almost never turn on the TV. Give me a good audio book any day. But I do like your iPad set up.


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