Monday, August 4, 2014

Knitting Serenade

Wandering Musicians serenade knitters:
Cheryl (aka Lyle), Jane, and Nancy
Fremont County Fair
Riverton, WY
July 29, 2014
Last Tuesday evening, members of the knitting group met at the County Fair to knit in the Fiber Arts exhibit area. We were surprised when two musicians wandered by and agreed to perform for us. The gentleman with the guitar, improvised a knitting song - such an unexpected and delightful treat.

The other gentleman sang about wanting to be a tomato - more laughter and foot-tapping music.

These two musicians live in different areas of the country but have travelled and worked county fairs together for several years. They clearly enjoy life and enjoy making others happy, too.

This was probably the most fun we've had in all the years we've met at the fair to knit.

Have you had any pleasant surprises this summer?


  1. I love going to the Fiber Arts exhibits at the fair. Our state fair just finished out and I missed going out. I bet you all did enjoy yourselves.

  2. Ah this is so cute! Definitely sounds like fun!

  3. Aww you deserve a serenade! how quaint and how sweet.
    Surprises? Fireman caught that big Bass last week fishing.
    My chives are growing and they keep on giving all summer

  4. Great fun! I wish we had a recording of the knitting song. That would be popular across the knitting blogs.

    Our summer surprises are the two new babies being added to the family. They were even a surprise to the moms and dads. I am knitting baby things like the wind! There's a knitting song in there somewhere.

  5. Yes, the serenade was a fun surprise! I got a big kick out of it, and I'm glad you had your camera at the ready. These two guys were very talented.

  6. What fun! That looks like a real country fair. We grew up with fairs like that. They still have them in parts of NZ but sadly not in Taupo.

  7. Love it!!! Did you ever notice how knitting brings out the BEST in people?

    Hmmmm...pleasant surprises??? Well, I am kitty-sitting for a friend this month and it has been very pleasant. I'm surprised how friendly Shelby has been. She always seemed very stand-offish at her house. She's been quite chummy here.

  8. What fun! I'm afraid the closest to a pleasant surprise I've had is seeing all three Oprandy men - former co-workers, a father and his two sons - at the funeral yesterday. I see two regularly enough, but the third lives and works in another part of the state...


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