Friday, March 23, 2012

Foreign Friday

Southern Japan
April 1980

I did not write on the back of this photo, so I am unsure where it was taken. All I can think of now when I look that this beautiful landscape is the tsunami that came ashore last March.

The coastline in this photo is very similar to that of the Sendai area, and the unforgettable video images of the tsunami rushing ashore keep playing through my head.

Even though a year has passed, the impact of the tsunami on this region and its citizens will be felt for decades. Please continue to pray for them.


  1. Such a beautiful picture--a great contrast to the destruction caused by the tsunami. Praying for recovery and healing.

  2. Beautiful, sobering reminder. My family lives in ChristsChurch NZ and the media has stopped mentioning their aftershocks that are still causing serious damage.

  3. a good reminder.....I will say a prayer today

  4. lovely picture and a great reminder that they are still dealing with the aftermath. g

  5. Thank you for the reminder to pray for these beautiful people. Can you imagine???

    Beautiful picture sweetie!

    Have yourself an awesomely bless weekend!!! :o)

  6. The Press is there during the beginning but eventually other news takes over. It fades from everyone's minds but the residents continue to deal with a very different life than before the disaster. Along with the two disasters mentioned here I think of the folks who have been hit by the many tornados in the US. Thanks for the reminder. B.


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