Friday, March 2, 2012

Foreign Friday

Taiko drummer
Autumn Festival Float
Misawa, Japan
August 1979
Tuesday evening I attended a Community Concert that featured Portland Taiko, and this one concert was worth the entire cost of the Community Concert membership dues. I'd heard taiko performances in Japan and at the dedication of the Heart Mountain Interpretative Learning Center, but the group at Tuesday's concert was truly awesome. The five musicians incorporated dance and athleticism into their performance and made the songs come to life. Photography was not allowed at the concert, but following is a YouTube performance by Portland Taiko musicians.

Taiko and Flute Competition
Misawa AFB, Misawa, Japan
August 1979
A competition featuring local school children and some adults.
Children wait for their scheduled time on stage. The teams consisted
of boys and girls from various schools in the area. 

Below is a Portland Taiko video that features the taiko drums and the flute. Enjoy!


  1. Fascinating and mesmerizing. I thoroughly enjoyed the videos.

  2. Very nice! Lucky you to get to see them in person then and now :)

  3. Wonderful post! I've never seen a live performance, only videos. I'll have to fix that one day. I also enjoyed your photos and text very much. I'm happy you found my Meal Planning for One blog and commented. Now I can enjoy Wyoming Breezes. :)

  4. Nancy I have to agree with Wool is mesmerizing. Thanks for a fun and novel treat

  5. Thank you for sharing that. It's definitely not something I've had any exposure to in my own life, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. Happy you got to go to the concert. It made it so much more special after your living in Japan.

    Rebel Follower


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