Monday, May 9, 2011

They Are Grand

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
May 5, 2011

No matter how many times I see them, the Tetons' beauty fills me with awe. The mountains parallel the road and are huge, giving the illusion that they are close enough to touch.

It will be some time before the snow melts and the wild flowers are able to bloom, but even in covered in snow, the landscape is beautiful. I had to trudge through about 20 inches of snow to even get some of the photos from the roadside vantage points. Those sidewalks are not shoveled and only part of the parking lot is cleared.

Since it is the off-season for tourists, the trip was very pleasant with only light traffic: no over-sized motor homes or campers creeping up the steep grades and no construction delays because of deep snow.  It was such a pleasant trip that I made a mental note to make the trip again next year before tourist season.

On the drive, I spotted elk, mule deer, bison, moose, mountain sheep, antelope, bald eagles, swans, Canadian geese, snow geese, osprey, and pelicans.

Planning a visit to Wyoming? Don't forget to put the Tetons on the itinerary.


  1. So pretty! I've actually seen them in person, but during the summer. I'd love to go back one day.

  2. How awesome.....they do look really close in the pictures.

  3. We were there a few years ago. My one regret... we did not take the time to drive through the park, just along the road where you were. It is incredibly beautiful! We were on overload after having been on the road about 3 weeks (seeing all other national parks in the Dokota/Montana area), on our way home (which was still a long way off), and just didn't take the time. Next time I am up that way I will! OH... and of COURSE we were one of those slow-moving RV combos!

  4. Beautiful pictures, Nancy!! God's majesty truly is displayed in nature.

  5. Big Wonderful Wyoming. Love the Tetons.

  6. You are so making me miss Wyoming. I loved the wildlife, especially the big horns, and it was so beautiful.

  7. Oh I agree totally. They do not call them the GRAND Tetons for nothing. Yellowstone is a must-see also! Actually there is a lot to see and do in Wyoming border to border. Kinda like the GRAND set of socks I just received. I LOVE THEM Nancy. THANK YOU! Definitely see a sock class in my future.

  8. Awesome! Definitely God's country :)


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